Million Dollar Haul

Story: The story revolves around a mysterious series of warehouse robberies perpetrated by a gang of clever thieves who have an inside contact with an international importing fir and, thusly, are tipped about the movement of valuable goods. The famous police dog, Tarzan, aids his master, Dan Kennedy, in uncovering and trapping the criminals, who finally meet justice head-on when the ambulance they've been using to carry their stolen loot crashes into a police station.
Year: 1935
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Superior Talking Pictures
Director: Albert Herman
Writer: Robert Walker, Victor Potel
Cast: Tarzan, Reed Howes, Janet Chandler, William Farnum, Robert Frazer, Creighton Hale, John Ince, Vance Carroll, Charles King, Tom London, Margaret McConnell, Dick Rush, Jack Grant Jr., Bruce Randall, Dick Botiller
Release date: 3 April 1935 (USA)

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