Pistoleiro Bossa Nova

Story: Two friends are looking for a quiet place where they can rest awhile. Soon they find the town they'd chosen to go is far from quiet. In fact, it's ruled by outlaws. And one of them is mistaken for the "Avenging Gunman", defender of the law.
Year: 1959
Genre: Comedy
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Production: Herbert Richers Produções Cinematográficas
Director: Victor Lima
Writer: Victor Lima
Cast: Ankito, Grande Otelo, Renata Fronzi, Aurélio Teixeira, Consuelo Leandro, Renato Restier, Ana Maria Nabuco, Lyris Castellani, Rildo Gonçalves, Arlindo Costa, Carlos Tovar, Wilson Grey, Joel Vaz, Farnetto, Luiz Mazzei
Runtime: 111 min

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