The End of St. Petersburg

Story: A peasant comes to St. Petersburg to find work. He unwittingly helps in the arrest of an old village friend who is now a labor leader. The unemployed peasant is also arrested and sent to fight in World War I. After three years, he returns ready for revolution.
Year: 1927
Genre: Drama
Country: Soviet Union
Production: Mezhrabpom-Rus
Director: Vsevolod Pudovkin, Mikhail Doller
Writer: Nathan Zarkhi
Cast: Aleksandr Chistyakov, Vera Baranovskaya, Ivan Chuvelyov, V. Obolensky, Aleksei Davor, Vladimir Fogel, Aleksandr Gromov, Nikolay Khmelyov, Sergey Komarov, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Max Tereshkovich, Viktor Tsoppi, M. Tsybulsky, Anna Zemtsova
Release date: 13 December 1927 (Soviet Union)
Runtime: 77 min (DVD special edition)

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