The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle

Story: This movie is about a young Hopi Indian boy who defies tribal law and frees a sacred, sacrificial eagle. He is banished from his village to the wilderness, but the eagle teaches him hunting skills and cares for him. He eventually returns, and when the other boys in the tribe reject him, the boy runs, climbs to a cliff area and jumps off. Before he reaches the ground, the boy turns into an eagle. At the end, the two eagles fly side by of them wearing a blue-beaded necklace.
Year: 1967
Genre: Adventure, Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Walt Disney Productions
Director: Jack Couffer
Writer: Jack Couffer
Cast: Frank DeKova, Stanford Lomakema
Release date: 21 June 1967 (USA)
Runtime: 48 min

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