Story: Albert Topaze, sincere schoolteacher addicted to "rote" morality, works at a private school run by supremely money-grubbing M. Muche, whose daughter, also a teacher, makes cynical use of the knowledge that Topaze loves her. Alas, Topaze's naive honesty brings him unjust dismissal...and makes him fair game for the "aunt" of his private pupil, really the mistress of crooked politician Regis, who needs an honest-seeming "front man." Can artful Suzy Courtois keep Topaze on the string? With steadily escalating disillusion comes moral crisis...
Year: 1951
Genre: Comedy
Country: France
Language: French
Production: Les Films Marcel Pagnol
Director: Marcel Pagnol
Writer: Marcel Pagnol
Cast: Fernandel, Hélène Perdrière, Jacqueline Pagnol, Marcel Vallée, Jacques Castelot, Milly Mathis, Yvette Etiévant, Robert Moor, Rivers Cadet, Marcel Loche, Pierre Larquey, Jacques Morel
Release date: 2 February 1951 (France)
Runtime: 136 min | 89 min (1976)

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