Il tempo degli assassini

Story: As a gang of youths terrorizes a city, the weary chief of police finds himself caught between the citizens who cry for blood and a catholic priest who believes the boys will respond to kindness.
Year: 1975
Genre: Action, Drama
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Production: Mirage Cinematografica
Director: Marcello Andrei
Writer: Piero Regnoli, Alvaro Barizio
Cast: Joe Dallesandro, Martin Balsam, Magali Noël, Rossano Brazzi, Guido Leontini, Cinzia Mambretti, Gianluca Farnese, Settimio Segnatelli, Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, Alvaro Vitali
Release date: 27 December 1975 (Italy)

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