Anyone Accept David

Story: Softball may seem like a trivial sport to some, but not for Jason, a small town high school senior, who loves the game. Jason struggles not with good ball playing, but with acceptance by his friends on the Sluggers softball team. Easy enough, except for one problem: his younger brother, David. In Jason's mind, David is a hopeless klutz without remedy, and very embarrassing to have join the team. In reality, David is an average early teenager, trying to make it to manhood without getting squashed. Unable to discern the reason for Jason's attitude, David wonders if their relationship will ever be like it once was when they were younger. Jason's disdain for David leads to his own ostracization from his friends.
Year: 2009
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: CV Productions
Director: Caleb Vetter
Writer: Caleb Vetter
Cast: Brian Hartley, Jack Layman, Paul Greer, Cory Vetter, Zach Robertson, Kristi McGregor, Jim Smothers, Justin Robertson, Travis Robertson, Josh Gentzler, Isaiah Maher, Noah Maher, Michael Garner, Dave Layman, Beth Layman
Release date: 8 October 2009 (USA)

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