La maudite galette

Story: Rolland is a middle-class scrapyard owner living in Montreal with his wife, Berthe, their two children and his shy and reclusive tenant/employee, Ernest. One evening, Rolland's wealthy uncle Arthur pays them a surprise visit and when it becomes obvious to him that the family is struggling financially, he offers them a cash gift. The couple complain that the money is not enough and after an argument Arthur rescinds his gift and leaves. Angry and bitter, Roland and Berthe ask their friends Rosaire and Ti-bi to accompany them later that night to Arthur's secluded country home so that they can have their revenge by robbing him. Unknown to them, Ernest follows the group there and turns out to be a brutal killer. The robbery turns into a nightmare; several people are killed and the house is burned to the ground. The survivors separate afterward but being overcome by greed, they travel towards the same place with the intention of killing each other and taking the money for themselves.
Year: 1972
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Canada
Language: French
Production: Cinak Compagnie Cinématographique, Les Productions Carle-Lamy, SDIC
Director: Denys Arcand
Writer: Jacques W. Benoit
Cast: Luce Guilbeault, Marcel Sabourin, René Caron, Denys Arcand, Gabriel Arcand, Attila Dory, J. Léo Gagnon, Maurice Gauvin, Bernard Gosselin, Andree Lalonde, Julien Lippé, Hélène Loiselle
Release date: 7 September 1972 (Canada)
Runtime: 100 min
Budget: CAD 145,000 (estimated)

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