Law and Disorder

Story: In the crime-ridden 70's New York, two cops have had enough. They, along with few other disgruntled people decide to take the things into their own hands.
Year: 1974
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Fadsin Cinema Associates, Leroy Street, Memorial Enterprises
Director: Ivan Passer
Writer: Kenneth Harris Fishman, Ivan Passer
Cast: Carroll O'Connor, Ernest Borgnine, Ann Wedgeworth, Anita Dangler, Leslie Ackerman, Karen Black, Jack Kehoe, David Spielberg, Joseph Ragno, Pat Corley, J. Frank Lucas, Edward Grover, Pepper Wormser, Lionel Pina, Gary Springer
Release date: 31 July 1975 (Netherlands)
Runtime: 101 min

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