O Monstro Legume do Espaço

Story: Dr. Karloff prisons an alien from the Leguminous Planet and calls his friend Dr. Marins to help him in his experiences, because the Leguminous Monster is an anarchist intellectual full of hate against the human beings. While the scientists discuss about the monster, Caquinha is convinced for him to let him go. Done that, the Monster kills the scientists and kills everyone he finds in his way.
Year: 1995
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Production: Canibal Filmes
Director: Petter Baiestorf
Writer: Petter Baiestorf
Cast: Petter Baiestorf, Coffin Souza, E.B. Toniolli
Release date: 1995 (Brazil)
Runtime: 77 min
Budget: BRL 1,000 (estimated)

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