Poslednja trka

Story: Twelve-year-old son of a divorced parents live in a skyscraper, but the drab of urban living is somewhat improved by the proximity of hippodrome and horse farm. Boy's favorite is a former champion named Evergreen, a stud whom the administration decides to sell to the slaughterhouse. After an unsuccessful attempt to change their mind, children steal the horse and disappear. After realizing what this horse mean to them, they give it as a present to the boy's class.
Year: 1979
Genre: Drama
Country: Yugoslavia
Language: Serbo-Croatian
Production: Centar Film
Director: Jovan Rancic
Writer: Jovan Rancic, Veroslav Rancic
Cast: Bogoljub Petrovic, Pavle Vuisic, Alenka Rancic, Dusan Janicijevic, Nadezda Vukicevic, Vladan Zivkovic, Zoran Miljkovic, Janez Vrhovec, Strahinja Mojic, Predrag Milinkovic, Bogdan Jakus, Ljiljana Blagojevic, Mira Nikolic, Bozidar Pavicevic-Longa, Mirko Babic
Release date: 1979 (Yugoslavia)
Runtime: 87 min

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