Prebroyavane na divite zaytzi

Story: The census taker Asenov - a narrow-minded employee at a district office - arrives in a village. He is bringing a most strange order: a hare census should be taken in the district. All able-bodied men are to take part. The villagers are amazed and totally unprepared. Naturally, no one is inclined to leave his job and chase hares up the slopes. Even Asenov's young assistant sees the utter inanity of what they are doing, but the district official puts it bluntly - those guilty of not carrying out the task will be disciplined. The clerk is also unaware what he is to do, but can organize people and give orders. He insists that everyone leaves everyday duties aside and takes part in the counting. This is how one fine day the schoolchildren are left without their teacher, the farm without the farmers, the wives without their husbands. All men are fencing off the field, getting ready for census day. But not a single hare allows itself to be counted. The 'census' starts and ends without ...
Year: 1973
Genre: Comedy
Country: Bulgaria, Hungary
Language: Bulgarian
Production: Boyana Film, Bulgar Film
Director: Eduard Sachariev
Writer: Georgi Mishev
Cast: Itzhak Finzi, Nikola Todev, Georgi Rusev, Yevstati Stratev, Filip Trifonov, Todor Kolev, Maya Dragomanska
Release date: 30 November 1973 (Bulgaria)
Runtime: 69 min

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