Story: An alien scientist escapes from his planet and finds his way to Earth. However, he is followed by the evil Joanna and her gang. On Earth, Joanna discovers a girl, Mira, who naturally emits powerful radio waves. Her efforts to capture the child leave Mira paralyzed and her friends Jong-hun and Dong-hyeok turn to the scientist for help. He is touched by their friendship and endows the children with superhuman powers which they use against Joanna and her thugs
Year: 1991
Genre: Family, Sci-Fi
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Production: B.U.M. Movies
Director: Ki-pung Choi
Writer: Chun-beom Kim
Cast: Bong-won Lee, Ji-su Park, Seong-beom Kim, Kung-hie Lee, Jin-ju Lee, Hye-seon Baek, Hwang-geun Lee, Seong-eun Kim, Se-beom Park, Ji-san Lee
Release date: 21 December 1991 (South Korea)

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