Justice Squad

Story: In the lead up to the first ever Australian superhero audition, a documentary crew spend a week with South Australia's premiere crime-fighting team, the Justice Squad. The micro-managing boss, Captain Justice, leads a less-than-super squad of heroes, including the matricidal Dark Avenger, the womanizing Mr Quick, the short-circuiting Electrode and the newest addition to the team, the elusive Mistress Mystery. The heroes might just get some work done if not for the distractions of the interfering camera crew, a less than ambitious work experience kid, Dark Avenger's meddling mother, and a group of nefarious super-villains who work just down the hall. As tensions between the heroes threaten to tear the squad apart, will they be able to pull together in time to impress the judges and win the holy grail of super-heroism... the comic book deal?
Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: Australia
Language: English
Director: Daniel Lawrance
Writer: Daniel Lawrance, Anthony N Castle
Cast: Roger Newcombe, Rob MacPherson, Paul Messenger, Brett Calliss, Nick Fagan, Wendy Bos, Joshua Hackett, Chrissie Page, Kim Williams, Brian Sellars, Tom Clarke, Alex Kingsland, Anthony N Castle, Don Balaz, Alastair Preece
Runtime: 78 min

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