K.L menjerit

Story: Shahrul is a mechanic who also takes part in illegal bike racing. He falls in love with a village girl, Ayu, who has just arrived in the city after being betrayed by her boyfriend. They both get close to Tun, a lonely youth with an unspecified illness.
Year: 2002
Country: Malaysia
Language: Malay
Production: Tayangan Unggul
Director: Badaruddin Azmi
Writer: Badaruddin Azmi
Cast: Rosyam Nor, Nisdawati Nazaruddin, Faizal Hussein, Danny X-Factor, Saiful Azam Senario, Hasnul Rahmat, Liza Hanim, Rahim Razali, Vanida Imran, Rashidi Ishak, Kudsia Kahar, Khairil Rashid
Release date: 24 January 2002 (Malaysia)

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