Light Drops

Story: Rui was raised in Mozambique in a small village at the frontier of a mysterious river. Son of Portuguese colonists, his best friend is Ana, a black girl godchild of his mother. At fourteen he is confronted with the tragic destruction of his childhood and has to learn to recognize two distinct realities - the European and the African.
Year: 2002
Genre: Drama
Country: Portugal, Mozambique
Language: Portuguese
Production: Cinemate Material Cinematográfico, Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimédia (ICAM)
Director: Fernando Vendrell
Writer: Leite de Vasconcelos
Cast: Filipe Carvalho, Alexandra Antunes, Amaral Matos, Luís Sarmento, Marco D'Almeida, Teresa Madruga, Carla Bolito, Alberto Magassela, Ana Magaia, António Fonseca, Carlos Gomes, Vítor Norte, Marenguele Mawhayi, Alfredo Ernesto
Release date: 15 February 2002 (Portugal)
Runtime: 103 min

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