Little Dancer

Story: With civil war just over in an Eastern European country, TATJIANA, an exceptional 13 year old ballet talent is striving to escape her desperately poor rural backwater to attend an elite urban dance academy. She has no idea that behind her back deals are being made to sell her into child prostitution. It's a story of ruthless greed that will not stop at crushing an innocent girl's dream...and a story of a tender love affair that could save her from a horrible destiny.
Year: 2012
Genre: Crime, Drama
Country: Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro
Language: Russian
Director: George Jecel
Writer: Brook Fuller, George Jecel
Cast: Alena Alimova, Alexandr Bezsmertniy, Igor Gnezdilov, Vladimir Goryanskiy, Yaroslav Gurevich, Alexandra Hilverth, Evgeniy Kaygorodov, Liza Kostiakina, Valeriy Legin, Eugene Maluha, Dima Melnichuk, Taras Nesterenko, Artyom Pasynkov, Vitaliy Saliy, Stephanie Seymour
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Runtime: 110 min | 104 min (Newport Beach Festival)

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