Me, Myself & Murdoch

Story: Ahmad is a young Palestinian from a Muslim conservative family who lives in a refugee camp in Palestine. With his only friend Isa, they dress up like Israeli settlers and steal gasoline from the nearby Israeli settlement to operate the ambulance. They are almost the only ones in the camp who speak Hebrew, the enemy's language. Ahmad secretly practices at night, as he may need the language on his thieving trips. His father hears the mutterings of his son, and suspects that an Israeli jinn is haunting his home. One day a car hits Ahmad. When he wakes up, he can only speak in Hebrew, which leads his father to believe that Ahmad's body has been taken over by an Israeli jinn, his beloved girlfriend to break up with him to find another man more dedicated to the resistance movement, and his community to treat him like an Israeli settler. This gives way to Ahmad's journey to prove his true identity, the one he lost when he stopped communicating in Arabic.
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, War
Country: Jordan, Palestine, France, Germany, Canada
Language: Arabic
Production: Imaginarium Films, Imaginarium, The, ME Films
Director: Yahya Alabdallah
Writer: Yahya Alabdallah
Runtime: 120 min

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