Miracle of the Widow

Story: Ruth Zeller's family has kept the secret for centuries. Greedy men, disasters, persecution, even the Nazis could not remove the treasure entrusted to them by God. Humbly and quietly the servants of Yahweh continued their work, always on guard. From the first moment Grace Harrington enters the bakery she is uneasy. Previous prejudices lead Grace to take matters into her own hands. Events intensify as Grace encounters locked doors, odd rumors, and an insistent are dealer. Can Ruth entrust Grace with her family's history? Will Grace have the faith to accept the truth? Or will the gift, kept safe for the thousand generations, be forever lost?
Year: 2009
Genre: Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Broadway Bridge Productions
Director: Paul Stoos
Writer: Paul Stoos
Cast: Rachel L. Dennis, Jody Spradlin, Carly Carcione, Tim Jaeger, Laura McGreevey, Robert W. Herring, Aaron Morrow, Danielle Lawrence, Carita Louise, Howard Alder, Laurie Slater, Dan Prentice, John South, Yvonne Dande, Janelle Prentice
Release date: 7 June 2009 (USA)
Budget: $20,000 (estimated)

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