Mu Buzima

Story: Mu Buzima (In Life) Vicky (Gakiza Victoire) lives with his mother, Mama Vicky (Mukarukundo Monique), Vicky is a young man who has a dream of developing his singing talent and becoming an artist singer and hopes to see his life changing. Betty (MUSHIKIWABO Zainab) meets Vicky in town after losing her parents and hoping for a better life leaving the village for Kigali. Boss Ray (Sebagabo Raymond) gives a job to both Vicky and Betty. Later, Betty becomes his girlfriend. Black Box (BADULE Oscar) the best friend of Vicky had also a dream of becoming great artist singer, BlackBox and his friends welcome Vicky in the group to prepare for the competition. They met Producer Jimmy (Kabango Deo) who accepts to help them and found them a sponsor. Vicky's hope starts growing with the support of his friends and his beloved mother who always wanted the best for him, but wanted him to study first. She later accepted that he can do both studying and singing. Big Mallet (Muhire Audace) the sponsor, ...
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Musical
Country: Rwanda
Language: Kinyarwanda
Director: Andrew Kayongo
Writer: Gorillaz Batallion Crew
Cast: Sambela Bernadette, Mzaliwa Jean Bosco, Ntakirutimana Danny, Victoire Gakiza, Ndayishimiye Mailq, Mukarukundo Monique, Badule Oscar, Sebagabo Raymond, Niyonkuru Regis, Mushikiwabo Zaina
Release date: 30 January 2014 (Rwanda)
Runtime: 120 min | 120 min (R Rated)
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