Oversized Coat

Story: OverSized Coat" is a 90 minutes-length masterpiece which talks about the Palestinian reality for the period of (1987-2011). It is considered to be the first and the only film of its kind to reflect Palestinians' miserable life throughout these years, highlighting the two witnessed "Intifadas" and the "Peace Conventions" that led to the present Palestinian status quo. The film is a story of a Palestinian hero who lives the daily Palestinian life with all its social and political details during the period of "OSLO Agreement", the "Palestinian National Authority" and the two "Intifadas" and is struggling to spread the "Palestinian Issue" world-widely via all means of media. The Zionist enemy on the contrary, poses considerable threats and endless obstacles on his way depriving him from spreading his message and making his voice heard. Therefore, the hero who is specializing in media and film making decides to travel to some neighboring countries and to Europe afterwards to convey the ...
Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, History
Country: Jordan
Language: Arabic
Director: Nawras Abu Saleh
Writer: Nawras Abu Saleh
Cast: Ibrahem Abu Al-Kheer, Raja'ai Alkoja, Mohammed Al Fassed, Lina Abu Hassan, Abed Alkareen al Kawasmi, Kemo, Ahmad Madani, Ghassen Mashini, Sami Metwasi, Lina Milhem, Refa'at Najar, Akef Najem, Yousef Odeh, Ahmad Omari, Baker Qabani
Release date: 2 March 2013 (Jordan)
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