Story: When Kristian wants to get out of the gang he once agreed not to leave, he gets in trouble. The members don't accept the reason without a fight. Kristian has to hold on to his faith, and at the same time try to explain it to the gang. Alex, one of the main gang members and classmate to Kristian, seems to be the one caught in the middle.
Year: 2006
Genre: Action, Drama
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Production: Hellig Tre Film
Director: Jarmo Larsen
Writer: Ruben André Evju, Jarmo Larsen
Cast: Isak Bjerknes, Arne Thomas Lund, Nijlas Myrvoll, Sara Larsen, Morten Lindem, Katrin Larsen, Morten Bakke, Atle Hansen Drage, Kalle Martinsen, Mona Albertine Vråskar, Kjersti Hansen, Anne Gry Thorberg, Stian Bakke, Terje Mørk, Ole Anders Kristiansen
Release date: 23 September 2006 (Norway)

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