Story: Avi comes from a poor family and lives with his mother and sister, Nandini. He sees that Nandini has befriended a local gangster by the name of Bhullar, and quietly resents this. When Nandini is killed, Avi and two male friends, Golu and Hari, decide to avenge her death - by killing Bhullar. They turn themselves in to Bhullar's boss, Vaman Rao, and let him decide their fate. Vamam Rao is impressed by this, and inducts them in his gang. Soon they become very close to Vaman, and become his most trusted associates. Then a corrupt Police Inspector named Rokde finds out that Golu is having an affair with his wife, Sangeeta, and decides to teach him a lesson. When Vaman comes to know, he makes a compromise with Rokde, and agrees to have Golu killed. When Avi and Hari find out about this, they band together and decide to go against Vaman and his men - but soon find themselves outnumbered, and also on the run from the police, on a road that will only lead to their deaths.
Year: 2003
Genre: Drama
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Production: Nikita Art Movies, Shanu Films
Director: Shivram Yadav
Writer: Salaam Khamboshi, Salaam Khamboshi
Cast: Mukesh Ahuja, Abhay Bhargav, Suresh Chatwal, Milind Gunaji, Sharad S. Kapoor, Hyder Kazmi, Bobby Khan, Suhaas Khandke, Maaina, Sadhu Meher, Ankush Mohite, Usha Nadkarni, Anil Nagrath, Govind Namdeo, Nirmal Pandey
Release date: 7 November 2003 (India)

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