Rolling Family

Story: On her 84th birthday, Emilia gets a call from her sister in Misiones inviting her to be matron of honor at a family wedding. Emilia tells her family that all of them are making the trip. Her two daughters, their husbands and children, one great-grandchild, and one child's friend jam into a camper van atop an old Chevy pickup. They leave from Buenos Aires. Engine trouble, a toothache, a stray dog, mosquitoes, and the heat complicate the journey. Cousins kiss, a melancholy brother-in-law tries to re-kindle an old flame, and the infant's father shows up uninvited. The screen is full of close ups. "Well, that's life," says Emilia.
Year: 2004
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, UK
Language: Spanish
Production: Lumina Films S.L., Paradis Films, Pandora Filmproduktion
Director: Pablo Trapero
Writer: Pablo Trapero
Cast: Graciana Chironi, Nicolás López, Liliana Capurro, Ruth Dobel, Marianela Pedano, Bernardo Forteza, Elías Viñoles, Carlos Resta, Laura Glave, Sol Ocampo, Leila Gomez, Federico Esquerro
Release date: 30 September 2004 (Argentina)
Runtime: 103 min

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