Story: A hundred-year-old church that periodically emerges only to be submerged again by the waters of a huge reservoir: this is the spot where the local priest is attempting to organize a gathering of the surviving, globally-scattered descendants of of the sunken village. An arrogant surgeon and politician, a vicar who is also an opera singer, a famous international journalist and an Italian student endure significant vicissitudes if life, from Rome to Vienna and Kandahar, only to discover it is fate that leads them back to their predecessors' roots.
Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Austria, Italy, Jordan, Serbia and Montenegro
Language: Bulgarian
Production: Korund-X / Nike-I
Director: Iliya Kostov
Writer: Iliya Kostov
Cast: Vasil Banov, Dossio Dossev, Nikolina Harizanova, Kondyo Kondyo, Irinei Konstantinov, Lili Lazarova, Nikolay Mutafchiev, Temenuga Pervazova, Stefan Popov, Bogomil Spirov, Velizar Velichkov, Daniel Vladimirov, Yana Yakovleva, Zhana Yakovleva, Robert Yanakiev
Runtime: 101 min

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