The Campground

Story: In 1980 a mother took her son to get a present on his 10th birthday. They went to an old abandoned Campground: Little Farm on the River. She took him to an old camper and asked him to step inside, once he did she reached out and grabbed a screwdriver sitting on the counter and began stabbing him over and over again. Now 30 years later a group of friends decide to go down to the campground to celebrate a birthday party, but the mood soon changes when people start turning up dead. Will the the teens be able to check out or stay at camp permanently
Year: 2013
Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Studio 605, Sydso Media
Director: Roman Jossart
Writer: Roman Jossart, Brandon Prewitt
Cast: Casey Weber, Anna Love, Roman Jossart, Erin Martin, Michael Windholtz, Shantell Johnson, Christopher Mosier, Clay Orem, Kayla Stone, Shane Jossart, Deirdre Helms, Brandon Prewitt, Lydia Bender, Jennifer Parker, Payton Lyon
Release date: 12 November 2013 (USA)
Runtime: 54 min
Budget: $3,000 (estimated)

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