The Chameleon

Story: A young Indian doctor has a good life until his wife is brutally raped and murdered. Dissatisfied with the progress the police have made he takes matters in his own and has seeks out to find the murderers. He kills of the killers but his crime is witnessed by someone. He ends up being on the run. While on the he makes a decision to find the remaining killers and he finds out the men are part of a racist organization. He pretends to be a Caucasian man and joins the agency. While in his quest of revenge he falls in love with the Leader of the Organization's daughter.
Year: 2009
Genre: Thriller
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Production: Orocci Pictures
Director: Kevin Singh
Writer: Kevin Singh
Cast: Musa Alex, Erica Backhaus, Brad Backhouse, Michael Beautimont, Gerald Bedekker, Marlon Bogacu, Litha Booi, Mirela Bosnjak, Chris Chauke, Vanashree Chetty, Frank Coetzee, Mischa Daly, Gideon Digomo, Shaun Ebersohn, Tim Erasmus
Release date: 19 November 2009 (South Africa)
Budget: ZAR 84,200 (estimated)

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