The Memorial Counselor

Story: BRYCE PHILLIPS is in trouble. His cushy high-tech job of four years disappeared in a nanosecond, and his wife, SARAH, dropped the bomb: she's six weeks pregnant. So what's an unemployed soon-to-be father to do? File an unemployment claim and pray to the gods that the economy will soon turn around. Bryce quickly finds that unemployment does not suit him; as friends call to hit him up on pyramid schemes and community service. His parents sideline coaching in the employment and pregnancy arena is another mess altogether. Desperate for work he applies for a job on a whim based off a tip from a close friend. Lucky for Bryce he lands the job. Unlucky for Bryce there's one small problem. The employer just happens to be: Pine Crest Memorial Park. Welcome to the death business - Oregon style. Where the residents sleep all day, flowers bloom all year and the visitors never stop crying. Bryce is introduced to the mystical underground world of plots, crypts, niches, and urns. It's sales; only ...
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Long Strange Trip Productions LLC
Director: Patrick Sevigny
Writer: Dave Jenkins
Cast: Jodi Altendorf, Chris A. Bolton, Kaye Bramblett, Jerry Carlton, Tim De Quilettes, Laura Duyn, Mohamed Ibrahim Elkest, Lester B. Hanson, Michael Harbour, Bill Kelley, Scott Klatt, Larry Laverty, Karen LaVoie, E.C. Mathews, Caren Parmenter
Release date: 31 January 2006 (USA)
Budget: $60,000 (estimated)

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