Trail of Blood

Story: On a weekend camping trip deep in the forest, Jim - a young U.S. Marine enlistee - and his friends stumble upon the murdered bodies of a vacationing couple and are taken hostage by a deeply disturbed war veteran on a sadistic killing spree, leaving Jim and his friends fighting to get out of the forest alive.
Year: 2011
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: Silent Sun Films
Director: Joseph Guerrieri, Justin Guerrieri
Writer: Joseph Guerrieri, Justin Guerrieri
Cast: Robert Picardo, Tim Barraco, Trevor Torseth, Kandis Erickson, Mackenzie Mason, Maggie VandenBerghe, Ray Campbell, Dustin Fitzsimons, Shaun Ausmus, Danny Vasquez, Kateland Carr, Meredith Barnett, Allen Burns, Matt Greer, Andy Simpson
Release date: 4 March 2011 (USA)
Runtime: 80 min
Budget: $85,000 (estimated)

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