Uncle's Paradise

Story: Uncle's Paradise is a wild, campy and comedic adventure - Giant squids. Killer spiders. Penis-biting snakes. Hell has never looked more like a cheap motel. Starring Shiro Shimomoto (who plays "The Hunter" in S&M Hunter) , sexy Japanese porn starlet Minami Aoyama, Rinako Hirasawa (New Tokyo Decadence) and Yumeka Sasaki as "The Ghost". The Japan Times very aptly describes the film as "A surreallistic comedy about the trials of a pep-tonic addicted middle aged man and his squid-fishing nephew, climaxing in a descent into love-hotel hell with Satan as the desk clerk." Uncle Takashi (Shiro Shimomoto) suddenly shows up to visit his nephew Harou, who lives a simple life in a small fishing village. Takashi is an eccentric character with a big problem: when he's asleep, he has nightmares from hell, but when he's awake he's extremely horny - Needless to say, his visit to the small community ruffles some feathers amongst the local women. This unique yet extremely bizarre plot setup allows for ...
Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Production: Kokuei Company
Director: Shinji Imaoka
Writer: Fumio Moriya
Cast: Shirô Shimomoto, Minami Aoyama, Mutsuo Yoshioka, Masataka Matsubara, Rinako Hirasawa, Yumeka Sasaki, Takeshi Itô, Harumi Ogawa, Daisuke Iijima, Mari Yamaguchi, Akira Sawada, Hiroshi Satô
Release date: 2006 (Japan)
Runtime: 64 min

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