Under the Snow

Story: The winter season is almost here. In the snow chain packing section of a factory, the orders are piling up. Javier, the supervisor, asks upper management for additional personnel. Jairo is sent from another section while Karmentxu and Angela are hired through a temporary work agency, for two weeks. From 6am to 2pm, the four of them pack snow chains in silence, each of them at their own workstation. The meteorology announces a cold spell thus prolonging their stay at the factory. Almost without noticing, Angela starts breaking the work rules and little by little, the rules start changing. The work becomes a game and that cold and gray building the place to play. Nobody can imagine what is going on behind that iron gate. It is a secret shared just for the four of them. A world that survives thanks to the continuous snow. What is going to happen when the snow ceases to fall?
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Production: Cronopia Films
Director: Candela Figueira, Maitena Muruzabal
Writer: Candela Figueira, Maitena Muruzabal
Cast: Asun Aguinaco, José María Asín, Maritxu Beasain, Maiken Beitia, Manu Belando, Patxi Beriain, Laura De Pedro, Miguel Goikoetxeandia, Ariane Irure, Uxue Jaime Fernández, Marta Juániz, David Larrea, Gabriel Latorre, Bixente Maisterrena, Dolores Martínez de Narvajas
Release date: 11 July 2008 (Spain)

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