Story: In the summer of 1991 the war broke out in Croatia. In a holiday house in Fruska Gora Hills in Serbia, near the border with Croatia, a group of young people are having a birthday party. They try to have some fun and act like nothing is going on. The party is shattered by the war. They can hear the artillery, but something is also happening between them. Inevitably, some of the boys end up on the frontline and everyone of them is effected by the war that is starting to rage. THE PARTY is about individual destinies of the characters trapped in isolated house in hills and surrounded by growing paranoia of the officially not yet declared war.
Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Language: Serbian
Director: Aleksandar Davic
Writer: Aleksandar Davic
Cast: Aron Balazs, Strahinja Bojovic, Jelena Curuvija, Olivera Djordjevic, Ivan Djuric, Aleksandar Djurica, Nenad Jezdic, Branko Lukac, Milijana Makevic, Igor Pavlovic, Srdjan Radakovic, Nada Sargin, Dejan Sarkovic, Sonja Savic, Andjelika Simic
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