Fetal Distractions

Story: A brilliant, suave and powerful scientist-physician in 1950s, with the help of his aristocratic wife, makes contracts with hookers, has sex with them, then legally (and sometimes violently) extracts out the fetal material for scientific study, till one of the hookers, a down and out Polish Auchwitz survivor, wants out of the deal. In the process of getting away, she takes with her the Professor's favorite student/protégée, as well as the biological secrets that can make him turn any biological tissue into any any another kind of tissue which said protégée developed using his boss' tissue, and lab. Mother, unborn child, protégée child and powerful scientific secrets escape to North America, and go underground, then come to grips with the Professor 20 years later when he is even more powerful, now funded by powerful American Military renegades who want to use the cloning technology for destructive purposes, using the 'science does whatever it has to to keep funded' Professor as its ...
Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
Country: Canada
Language: English
Production: Longrider Productions
Director: Kelly Aulin Mike Politis
Writer: Mike Politis
Cast: Krystal Aston, Kelly Aulin, Nigel Beardwood, Robert Fennell, Katey Fournell, Jenny Lee Frasier, Cherie Poelzer, Mike J. Politis, Shayne Turner, Kelly Walton
Release date: 23 June 2013 (Canada)

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