Bureau of Missing Persons

Story: Butch Saunders has been transferred to Missing Persons because he was too brutal in other police work. He regards the assignment as "kindergarten" work. When a young woman asks him to help locate her husband, Therme, he learns that she is really Norma Phillips, wanted by Chicago police for murder of her husband. She escapes, but Saunders borrows a corpse from the morgue to arrange her fake funeral. The trap brings the woman and Therme to the mortuary out of curiosity.
Year: 1933
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Production: First National Pictures, Warner Bros.
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Writer: Robert Presnell Sr., John H. Ayers
Cast: Bette Davis, Lewis Stone, Pat O'Brien, Glenda Farrell, Allen Jenkins, Ruth Donnelly, Hugh Herbert, Alan Dinehart, Marjorie Gateson, Tad Alexander, Noel Francis, Wallis Clark, Adrian Morris, Clay Clement, Henry Kolker
Release date: 16 September 1933 (USA)
Runtime: 73 min

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