Comrade Panjuni

Story: Comrade Panjuni, a political party activist, leaves for a remote Armenian patriarchal village to propagate socialistic ideas. Very soon the peaceful village gets acquainted with the ideas of "class antagonism, expropriation of the rich, women emancipation". The result is bloody violence, church robbery etc.
Year: 1992
Genre: Comedy
Country: Armenia
Language: Armenian
Production: Armenfilm Studios
Director: Arman Manaryan
Writer: Yervand Otyan, Vadim Meliksetyan
Cast: Nikolay Tzaturyan, Tamar Hovhannisyan, Yervand Manaryan, Mamikon Manukyan, Karen Dzhanibekyan, Artashes Gedikyan, Verjaluys Mirijanyan, Zareh Ter-Karapetyan, Stepan Shahinyan, Vachagan Grigorian, Meline Hamamjyan, Julietta Babayan, Rudolf Gevondyan, S. Ghantralyan, A. Ghumashyan
Release date: 1992 (Armenia)
Runtime: 101 min

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