Desert Patrol

Story: A small British army team is sent to destroy a German petrol dump as part of the preparation for a major attack in the North African campaign. Whilst they are there they spot a large number of tanks and realise that army intelligence must be informed or some Tommies are going to be in for a nasty surprise. The Germans are equally determined that they should not reach their base, and a tense chase across the desert is the result.
Year: 1958
Genre: Drama, War
Country: UK
Language: English
Production: Rank Organisation, The, Tempean Films
Director: Guy Green
Writer: Robert Westerby, Sean Fielding
Cast: Richard Attenborough, John Gregson, Michael Craig, Vincent Ball, Percy Herbert, Barry Foster, George Murcell, Andrew Faulds, Ray McAnally, Harold Goodwin, Tony Thawnton, Wolf Frees, George Mikell
Release date: 16 March 1959 (Sweden)
Runtime: 97 min

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