Dreaming Wall

Story: When Japan was defeated in the rural areas of the Northeast, a man named Kenneth Yin young children witnessed the tragic scene of his biological mother was shot and killed Japanese seared deeply in his young mind-under a hatred Japanese. 8-year-old father was sent to work in Beijing life, where he met a 10-year-old Japanese girl Zuo Zhi.Yin beginning to hate her, often bullied her,they slowly became good friends. ... finally, Zuo Zhi has to come home and parents, respectively, when They very fond memories. The train departed, a flock of pigeons flying around in the snow, climb the Great Wall together with the train carrying Zuo Zhi, fly away.
Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Director: Jiabei Zhang
Writer: Jiabei Zhang
Runtime: 90 min

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