A través de tus ojos

Story: Argentina's economic crisis is in full swing when Lito and Nilda travel to New York. Visiting "The Big Apple" is Nilda's lifelong dream and Lito, her husband, submissively complies. She also plans to have a medical check up during their visit. But once in New York and despite Lito's warning, Nilda neglects her diet and has to be hospitalized. Lito is overwhelmed. On his own and penniless, he experiences a different side of New York. While his life in New York freezes, his ice factory in Buenos Aires melts. (Chicago 23rd Latino Film Festival Website)
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Production: Mateína Producciones
Director: Rodrigo Fürth
Writer: Leonel D'Agostino, Lucía Puenzo
Cast: Adriana Aizemberg, Davis Burgos, Jannette Clemenceau, John J. Concado, Marcos Dubuch, Totó López, Miguel Ángel Porro, Sandra Rodríguez, José Soriano
Release date: 7 September 2006 (Argentina)

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