Everyman's Taxi

Story: 1989 South Africa: Bra Nelson has left Robben Island. In parliament, FW De Klerk officially unbans the ANC. It is the end of an era. John Dexter is a middle aged white South African male who did the boarding school, played rugby and cricket, did the army, is somewhat racist, got the good job, got the suburban house with the pretty upwardly-mobile blond. Dexter negotiates rush-hour traffic with a mind-numbing hangover. Taxi drivers wreak havoc with him: Cutting him off and blocking his way. He seethes - yet his face is dangerously inscrutable: This is an old war. On the highway, he screeches to a halt trying to avoid a body flying through the air towards his Mercedes. Luckily however he manages to stop before trampling the body. While desperately proclaiming his innocence to a traffic officer, another driver arrives, and Dexter is absolved. Severely shocked, he grudgingly picks up a hitchhiker, who, in return for the lift, offers numbers for the horses at Turfontien. Enduring much ...
Year: 2009
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Production: Everymans Taxi Productions
Director: Ian Roberts
Writer: Ian Roberts
Cast: Ian Roberts, Barbara Jeanne Snell, David C. Webb, Ellis Pearson, Patrick Ndlovu, Ashley Taylor, Lize Wiid, Marcel van Heerden, Jana Strydom, Erica Wessels, Marius Brown, David Clatworthy, Sam Modieginyana, Carel Trichardt, Petru Wessels
Release date: 2012 (South Africa)
Runtime: 97 min

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