Forget Me Not

Story: A story about a young Chinese immigrant woman's life after placing a personal ad for marriage and marrying an older Chinese man to get into the States. Things get complicated when she meets a young Caucasian businessman who falls in love with her. A second story intertwines the first one wherein a medical doctor is married to a difficult woman who divorces him and marries 3 more times unsuccessfully, finally conniving to get back together with him though some devious means after he is promoted to hospital director with a very high income. In the meantime, he gets romantically involved with an attractive Asian restaurant owner competing with the conniving ex wife. The two stories contain enough common ground to present a unified tapestry.
Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Country: USA, China
Language: English
Director: Cici Zhu
Writer: Cici Zhu
Cast: Kirt Kishita, Zhou Jie, Sherry C. Brown, Glenn Zhang, Gina Gratzia, Naomi Shen, Donn Werrbach, Alan Zhu, Andrew Manardo, Jacy Duan
Runtime: 90 min

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