Great Wall, My Love

Story: Chun, 28, Taiwanese, goes on a conflict-packed search journey with her Chinese guide, Ming, to find her father's long-lost first love, XiuQian, in China. Chun's father had promised XiuQian 60 years ago that he'd definitely come back to marry her. But not until recently, Taiwan and China were hostile to each other, he was never able to fulfill his promise. Chun and Ming grew up on two sides of the Taiwan Strait and were brought up with different values. They don't hesitate to cut each other down to size. Their turbulent romance unfolds in tears, laughter and a clash of values. The love story of two generations, across the Taiwan Strait, told with touching drama and biting comedy, is a poignant and entertaining road movie.
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: China, Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Emily Yi-Ming Liu
Writer: Jacqueline Austin, Emily Yi-Ming Liu
Cast: Xuan Dong, Dawei Tong, Naijin Xiong, Hung Yang, Cherrie Ying
Release date: 9 December 2011 (China)
Runtime: 105 min

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