Guardians of the Mountain

Story: In a dense forest, a tall and strong fourty-year-old man of Yi is running barefoot, who seems to track something. A kind of old and evocational sound is coming from the deep forest mysteriously...The man, running in his own dream, awakened, who is the captain of Guardians of the mountain, Labu. Labu looks at the mysterious mountain as if a gunshot is coming from the deep mountain. A sinister foreboding just occurs to him. Captain Labu has to lead his team members to go up the mountain to search for their targets in order to protect their homeland. Then the captain Labu also has taken a no-return road.
Year: 2012
Genre: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Director: Jia Xiaotie
Writer: Jia Xiaotie
Runtime: 90 min

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